“This is a story told in pictures. The pictures will speak of strength, honesty and
(Niko von Glasow)

Nobody´s Perfect - Das Buch

Niko von Glasow
NoBody’s Perfect (german)
Published by Ulrich Kühne
Hardback with dust jacket 19 x 25 cm,
72 pages, 40 illustrations,
Price: 19,95 €, ISBN 978-3-938045-10-7,
Available September 2008

“Many years ago, I had an ambition to take a series of beautiful nude photos of disabled people. My psychiatrist advised me only to do it if I was prepared to strip for the camera myself. This horrified me so much that I dropped the idea…”

But not forever. Fortunately. This is the start of a spectacular contemporary artistic project. Niko von Glasow has found eleven comrades to pose for the pages of a pin-up calendar – men and women who show how human beings are shaped by life experience, humour, and a dose of Thalidomide. And who have a lot more to offer than just their bodies. This is the story of twelve glossy photographs, and of the fates that lie behind them.

  • Nominated for London’s National Portrait Gallery Photographic Portrait Prize 2007
  • Photographed with great artistic ability
  • A thought-provoking book
  • The publication of the book will help support the Thalidomide Association of Nordrhein-Westfalia
  • The film “NoBody’s Perfect” by Niko von Glasow opens in September 2008